Omidyar Fellows

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Hawaii’s future will be shaped by the ability of its leaders to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing our state. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a community of mid-career leaders and to equip them with the skills and relationships they’ll need to collectively transform Hawaii.

Omidyar Fellows is an enduring and ongoing commitment to an active network of leaders and change makers, all of whom are dedicated to making positive movement on Hawaii’s most pressing issues. Fellows also commit to the ongoing development of their leadership and its impact in Hawaii. The cumulative impact of this extraordinary learning opportunity has the promise to be a life changer for Omidyar Fellows and a game-changer for the people of Hawaii.

Hawaii Data Collaborative

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We believe data is integral to doing more for the people and places of Hawaii. Right now, it’s difficult to access meaningful, cohesive data that can help us understand how people across Hawaii are faring, and which decisions are—or are not—working in creating healthy, thriving communities. But this challenge presents a unique opportunity: To reimagine what is possible if we share a language and foundational knowledge about community well-being, supported by high-quality, relevant, and easily accessible data. 

The Hawaii Data Collaborative is working to curate, simplify, and centralize publicly-available data on a range of well-being domains, and provide tools to visualize these data. Additionally, we are supporting partners to take “deeper dives” on topics of critical importance to their work, informing conversations and decisions that are rooted in sound data and high-quality analysis.



Hawaii Leadership Forum partners with SMALLIFY. The SMALLIFY Labs focus on developing breakthrough solutions to improve the well-being of Hawaii citizens. The goals are to accelerate our impact, build relationships across our network, and strengthen our innovation capacity. The Labs run for about 3-5 months and include project teams, each comprised of Fellows and community leaders. This cohort-based innovation experience led by Dave Viotti and Chris Block facilitates teams to bring a challenge they want to address and develop prototypes from design through execution – their real life “small bet” to address their challenge.